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  • web seo smo services

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is a great tool for the businesses to directly introduce their products or services to the targeted customers. It helps to design and send an eye-catching email to targeted clients.

Rather, than spending your valuable time and money on creating print marketing campaigns it is more profitable to conduct email campaigns. Email marketing, offers great opportunity to instantly see who is opening your emails and which links they're clicking on. WebCente has vast experience to conduct various e-mail marketing campaigns for its customers. We put a professional face on your personal communication.

WebCente offers Email marketing services with the following benefits:

  • Regularly marketing the customer's website to important group meetings, events and news.
  • Boosting the website visibility with an attractive, professional and well organized newsletter.
  • Motivating more participation with the help of graphics and videos.
  • Add text and photos from our image library or upload your own – they automatically resize to fit your email!
  • Easily generate reports that tell you how many emails you sent, how many were opened, how many people responded to individual offers or promotions, and more.
  • Increase results by automatically announcing your email offers on the top social networks.
  • Maximize big announcements by updating all of your social media profiles at once.
  • Find out what your customers really want – create, send, and tabulate surveys with the survey tool.

WebCente email marketing services deliver track results for an email campaign right at your fingertips. You can see all the stats for who opened emails, how many clicks an email newsletter received, if anyone unsubscribed, and more. You can even see the email addresses that bounced, if any. And when you want direct feedback from your subscribers, use the survey tool to create and send surveys.