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Our web maintenance business frees you to focus on your business. We take responsibility for the technology that runs your site, so your website is a dependable business tool & not a distraction.

You get to stop worrying about servers, plugins and PHP & spend more time on strategy, customers and building your business.

Subscribe to one of our plans and see how quickly your website headaches go away.

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  • Infrastructure Updates:
  • Platform Updates
  • Templates Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Add new modules or plugins
  • Site Updates:
  • Add or Remove Pages
  • Change Navigation Links
  • Update Text Content
  • Update Images
  • Web Services Support:
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Google Analytics Reports
  • Site & Database Backups
$195 month
$395 month
$495 month
$695 month

Content Management Systems We Support




Expression Enqine

Radiant CMS


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What's So Great About Our Web Maintenance Service?

Support Tailored to Your Situation

Our plans are designed to match the ways that small and mid-sized businesses use the web:

  • > Bronze plans support businesses using their sites as brochures or contact points, but not regularly adding to it.This is a basic webmaster plan to keep things running smoothly.
  • > Silver plans support your push to make the site a real extension of your business by adding key pages and making things easier to find. This is for businesses that are starting to look to the web for business growth and are trying out new ideas.
  • > Gold plans support adding and updating content a few times per month as you embrace the web. This is a great plan for SMBs that want to regularly add content, but don't have the man power or technical skills to efficiently do it themselves.
  • > The Platinum plan gives you a part-time web team to support all aspects of your website. This plan is for businesses depending on the web for growth, but not wanting to invest in a web person for their staff.

Affordable & Dependable

With every plan, you get our committment to keeping your site running smoothly. The pricing model gives you a fixed rate to make budgeting easier and our services give you the resources you need to do more on the web.

You'll find that signing up for a subscription represents savings of 20-30% compared to hourly rates with freelancers. You also gain consistent service: With a subscription, you won't have to worry about finding someone on Craigslist when things go wrong; and you won't have to wait for someone to find time for you.

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